What geographic locations do you play at?  

We usually play in Southwest Idaho but depending upon the compensation and the size of the audience, we can play further afield.   We have performed as far away as Weiser, ID.   If the client is willing to pay for travel expenses, we can travel much farther.   

Do you play at churches and synagogues?

Yes, we have have played at religious institutions as varied as the Uniterian Universalist Fellowship to the LDS Church.   We are happy to accommodate your ceremonial or fundraising needs.   We can play for your fundraisers, parties and  other celebrations.   

Do you perform at festivals?  

Yes !   We love festivals.    We have performed multiple times at the Shakespeare Festival and were the sole musical act for the Saint Alphonsus' Festival of Trees $300 a plate gala dinner last year.    We love the energy and enthusiam of these crowds.  

Would you consider playing at a wedding?

If you like jazz, we are your band!   We play a combination of upbeat dance numbers and slower romantic ballads to turn your wedding into a real celebration!   We can customize our performance to suit your needs.    

Who are some of your clients?

Please check out our client page for a partial list of our past and future clients.   We have a bunch !   Just Click here to find out more.  

Do you perform at fundraisers?

Yes !   Our biggest fundraiser was at the 39th annual Saint Alphonsus' Festival of Trees Gala dinner where we were the sole musical act and performed in front of former Governor Butch Otter, Senator Jim Risch and over 1,000 other guests.  This event raised in excess of  $300,000 in one evening.   We are eager to make your fundraiser as big a success!   

How much do you charge?

Our rates vary depending upon how long you want us to perform, the distance we must travel and the equipment needs for the venue.  You will find us to be very reasonably priced and we normally cost less than a DJ.   However, unlike a DJ, we provide live music!   

Can I get on your mailing List? 

Really?   You want more spam?  Oh...wait !   We don't email you spam, we email only cool announcements about where our next gigs are and other "Cat" news you could  never live without.   Promise we won't sell your email address.   Click  here to get on our mailing list.   

Do you perform at outdoor events?  

Yes!   In fact, about half of our gigs are outdoors.   Shakespeare, parties, fundraisers; we have all done it all and we love it.    If you can provide the electricity, we can provide the entertainment.   

Do you have any testimonials? 

Absolutely!   Please check out our testimonial page to see what our past clients say about us.    Click here to read their comments.   We can also give you references to call.   

Are your shows family friendly?

Of course!   Our performances are suitable for all ages and venues.   Whether it is for family parties or church functions, we want everyone to have fun in a wholesome environment.   

Do you take song requests?

Yes, if we know the song, we will play it.!  However, for private events, you can request some songs before the gig and we will have them ready to perform.   Click here  to check out our song list page  to see if your favorite jazz standard is there.   

Do You Have Merch?  

Do we have merch?  Do we have merch?  What self respecting jazz band wouldn't have merch for our millions of adoring fans?   Check out our shameless commerce division page here .   Warning, this stuff is expensive!  

Can I sing along with you?  

Why not?   It's a party, right?   Bring out that Billy Holiday or Frank Sinatra in you.   If it is a private event and you're the host, you can even select a few songs for you or a friend to sing.   Just let us know a few weeks before the gig.   After all, it is your party!   

Do you perform at senior living facilities?  

We love playing to seniors!  They make wonderful attentive audiences and they know our songs by heart.   We have performed dozens of times to seniors all over the valley.  In fact, we are currently the "house band" at Touchmark playing every month.   We can create sing along performances with lyric sheets as well.  So yes, call us to book.   

Can you perform for holiday events?  

Yes indeed!   We perform for Christmas shows, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Eve, Halloween and even Ground Hog's Day !   If you can think of a holiday, we can find music to fit the occasion.   Check out our song list page on this web site for our list of special events music.    

Do you perform at private parties?  

Always.   We perform at going away parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, dance parties and more.   No venue is too big or small for us.   We have the sound system and the music to do it all.   We don't just play music, we put on a show!  

Are you available for "Celebration of Life" events?  

Yes, we have done that.   In preparation for that type of performance, we ask key questions about the life of the deceased.   We incorporate the details of their life into our performance.   For example we will play a song and say, "In 1956, the year Bill got married to Lisa, Frank Sinatra recorded this song."   We make these type of performances special and demonstrate respect towards your departed loved one.  It is a fine balance; we want to celebrate their life with fun music while simultaneously respecting how important they were in your life.  We know how to do this and have done it!  

Can you play at corporate events and business grand openings?  

We love corporate events!   At grand openings, we make sure that the emphasis is not on the band, but on your business.   Click here to read our  review from Ceramica on our testimonial page.  We'll turn your corporate event into a party!   

Do you allow audience participation?   

Not only do we allow it, we encourage it!   We have all kinds of ways to get you and your guests involved in the party.  Nobody gets bored at a Midnight Jazz Cat performance!   

Do you have professional equipment?  

Man do we have professional equipment !   We can play before a dozen clients or a few thousand.  No venue is too big or small for us.  Click here to geek out on all our professional musical instruments and sound equipment.   

Who arranges your music? 

Bill (Shep) Shepherd does most of the arranging for the band using Finale notation software for lead sheets and iReal Pro for chord charts.  Bob uses MuseScore for many of his keyboard parts.   Shep is such a skilled arranger he even co-authored an analysis on famous clarinet recordings.   Click here  to learn more about Shep's book.  He's as smart as he is handsome.   Just ask him!  

Who is the most popular member of the Midnight Jazz Cats?  

Without a doubt, it is our mascot Ella Fitzkitty!   We wouldn't go anywhere without Ella.   Our drummer/singer Lloyd is especially attached to her.   After all, she's the real star of the band!  Click here to read Ella's bio.  

Where can I get one of your cool retro cat ties?  

Oh that's easy.   They are available at Zazzle.  Click Here  to be the first kid on your block to have your very own Midnight Jazz Cats retro mid-century atomic cat tie.  

Are we allowed to pet the cat?

Everybody loves Ella and wants to pet her.   So yes, please pet our cat !   You can also hold her and have your picture taken with her for this website.   Just ask for a pic during our gigs.   Click here for Ella's Fan Page where you can see pictures of Ella Fitzkitty with her adoring fans.  

How can we reach you?

Carrier pigeon, Pony Express, telegraph, text, telephone or email all work.   Click here  to contact us.  We'll get back to you right away.