The Morrison Center

The Midnight Jazz Cats were truly a joy to work with: entertaining, utterly professional, and the love they have for what they do is contagious. Their performance at the Morrison Center’s 40th Anniversary Gala was a seamless collaboration and instrumental in setting a singular and exceptional tone for the evening. Both our guests and staff, of all ages, were jazzed by the quality and atmosphere of our historic milestone event. We wholeheartedly recommend the Midnight Jazz Cats and would gladly welcome them back for future performances.


Associate Director of Patron Services & Programming

The Sapphire Room

I  booked The Midnight Jazz Cats for a Tuesday evening in The Sapphire Room, and they delivered a fun and classy sellout performance. Their professionalism, kindness, and ease of collaboration made the entire experience seamless. Along with the great reviews from show attendees, one of the event staff members reported, "The Midnight Jazz Cats with Sydney Hair were SO Good!!! It was one of the best shows we’ve heard, I highly recommend you bring them back." We look forward to having them back again next season.

Kate Schraufnagel

Entertainment Coordinator at The Riverside Hotel 

2nd Annual Family Advocate Gala 

The Midnight Jazz Cats brought a classy energy to our 2nd Annual For the Love of a Child Gala! They are professionals that care about providing top notch music for your event. They are wonderful to work with and strive to provide the desired atmosphere a client is after. They really are "the cat's meow!" 

Le Ann Edwards 

Director of Advancement,  Family Advocate Program, Inc.  

On January 14, I had the honor of having The Midnight Jazz Cats play for my wife and I...we were nervously awaiting the opening of a business we had just bought and had no idea what we were doing, frankly.  But we knew if we added music, if we added some swing, we certainly could bring some energy to the gig.  Then, ten minutes to start, in strides a green-suited jazz man with a cat in his backpack:  "Got any kitty food for this Kat?"  He quips with a grin.  I could feel the energy shift in the tense pre-opening atmosphere.  Within minutes, they were set up, tuning up, and launching into some swagger-filled jazz that really impacted the day.  Customers came in throngs (we didn't know what to expect) and several paused to take in the vibe.  Blake, front man of the band, was always very considerate to put our event out front and have the band be the "back up vocals" so to speak of the event.  Personally, I like my music loud, but he was mindful that people were there to work, to get their hands busy, and he kept the tunes to just the right volume.

I look forward to finally sitting at one of their gigs as a spectator to fully take in their music and to see them perform again at a future event at our business.  I highly recommend this band for its professionalism, its prompt communicativeness, and its hip swing when they play...you can't have a bad day when the Midnight Jazz Cats are in the room.  Thanks, Blake...you guys really helped us out.  Play on!

Jerry Hendershot

Co-Owner, Ceramica Pottery Store

North End Birthday Party

I absolutely loved the Midnight Jazz Cats band! They were perfect for our party, where people could talk without yelling, while also enjoying the music. They played great music, had on great outfits, and came with outgoing personalities. 

-Judi Brawer - Boise party goer

The Midnight Jazz Cats are a very talented and fun group. When they played, they were so entertaining. They would interact with the crowd and we loved the birthday song. I highly recommend them. 

-Andrea Wallace - Boise party goer

I searched for over a month, looking for the perfect Jazz Band for my husband's 50th birthday party. I hired the Midnight Jazz Cats and I feel like I struck gold. They were absolutely perfect for our party. While people arrived, they played music that allowed people to meet and greet comfortably and once the party started going, they were so interactive and stepped up the tempo with awesome songs. The birthday song was a crowd pleaser and they had my husband on stage and all the crowd was interacting. It was a memorable event thanks to the Midnight Jazz Cats. I totally recommend them if you are looking for the perfect Jazz Band. They also dress the part which made it all the more fun. 

-Becka Watkins - Home owner, wife of birthday boy

We are still talking about how much we enjoyed The Midnight Jazz Cats when we think about the party past. They are a memorable part of that day and I loved their music and would definitely hire them again. 

-Alex Schrinsky - Home owner and birthday boy

The Art Source Gallery recently held its premier First Thursday event of the year, the Annual Juried Show, at its brand new location in the Linen District of downtown Boise. The Midnight Jazz Cats carried the evening with their lovely music drawn from classic American jazz tunes that span the decades all the way through to current hits. What a fabulous mix of music that everyone could enjoy (and dance to, too)!  Blake Olson and his superb combo of four musicians not only delighted us with a mix of guitar, clarinet, tenor sax, alto sax, string bass, and drums, BUT they added great vocals to many of the songs! I know everyone enjoyed how they made the music such a wonderful addition to the "vibe" of the evening. 

Laurie Asahara, Board Member  

Thank you to the Midnight Jazz Cats for your performance at the Terraces of Boise Senior Living.  We here at the Terraces of Boise strive to provide quality entertainment for our Residents and the Jazz Cats exceeded that role.  Not only was the performance top notch but especially appreciated was the inclusion of the crowd, singing along and enjoying every minute of a full hour. We are privileged to be able to add them to our monthly schedule and look forward to the next time.   I can’t say enough good about the performance and the personal attention given to the Residents, and I would highly recommend your band to anyone seeking  fun, quality performers.  We expect another full house next time.  Thank you again.

Sylvia Elwood/ Lifestyles Assistant Terraces of Boise.

Positive experience. I had the chance to work with The Midnight Jazz Cats this summer (August 2022) through my volunteer role in our neighborhood's National Night Out event. Communication prior to the event was thorough and consistent. I could tell they are quality-focused because Blake maintained close communication with me. Blake was detailed, direct, and clear about the band's offerings and needs. He made it easy to set clear mutual expectations. The day of the event went really well, they showed up with plenty of time to allow us to assist them and direct them to their designated location. The band was phenomenal. Undoubtedly they love and are passionate about their work. They had fun which made it so fun for the families who showed up to the outdoor event. The band is skilled, they sounded great, and did a wonderful job not just performing, but entertaining folks too. Blake and the team are engaging and comfortable doing what they do. The live band truly enhanced the event's experience for our neighbors. We would be very lucky to have them come back next summer!

America Y.C.  - Neighborhood Association Volunteer

Thank you, Midnight Jazz Cats! They were all amazing. The residents at our community love live music, and they were not disappointed when the Midnight Jazz Cats were here. From the initial contact to the set-up, to the performance, to the break-down, it all went smoothy and communication was clear and timely. They were very professional, and I could tell they love what they do. Not only was the performance outstanding, but they got the residents involved with singing along and provided fun banter between bandmates. I keep getting asked “When will the Jazz Cats be back?!” If you need a band for any type of performance, I will highly recommend them. We cannot wait to have you back here.


Michelle Wooten, Life Enrichment Director

Lively and amusing entertainment!  We loved the interactions between the band members - it was very entertaining for our residents!  It was also creative and thoughtful to hear a little bit of history and information on the songs and singers of the songs performed.  We look forward to having The Midnight Jazz Cats back soon!

Kylie Belnap, CTRS, Recreational Therapy Director 

My wife and I were the activity directors for the Boise East Fall Festival which included a blood drive from the Red Cross.  Historically this venue has hosted up to 950 people.  We wanted a first rate musical band and heard about the “Midnight Jazz Cats”.  

Let me tell you, they blew the socks off the crowd!  I was a little concerned at first if they would reach all ages from the  young to elderly.  They were professional, dressed first class with their outfits and took no time to realize how much they loved what they do! 

I strongly recommend this group of Cool Cats for any event from weddings, anniversary parties , school or religious activity.  You will not be disappointed as the comments and compliments from our event are still coming in.

 Dr. Randy E. Lowe - Activity Director, Boise East LDS Church